Hummingbirds are harbingers of Love. As such they are used as a metaphor in When Love Rises, my first poetry book celetrabting love.

Thank you for connecting with me and visiting my website. The place where my creativity thoughts and ideas go to connect and thrive in discord with other like minded lovers of the written and visual arts. I’m thrilled to have finally completed and published my first book of several to come. “When Love Rises” is the first in a series of poetry books currently underway using “Rising” as the theme. Published in April of 2019, it celebrates love, offers comfort in heartbreak and inspiration to heal, move forward and try love again. This is a must read for poetry lovers. It is currently available in paperback, eBook and soon to be audible on-line at major retailers and Independent bookstores. Rising is such a powerful and positive call to action word that I could not resist using it in the titles of all three of my upcoming collections of poetry and prose. I hope you will join me on my journey of crafting poetry that is relatable, connects and inspires.