Proof Copies of First Book
When Love Rises


Accomplishing a life long goal is an amazing feeling. I felt such a rush of unexpected emotions yesterday when I received my draft paperback copy of my first book When Love Rises in the mail. I first ran my fingers over the cover in awe of the soft feel of the matte cover. Then opened it to the first page where my heart skipped a beat at reading my name in print. As the moment and the words on the pages were a culmination of years of thoughts gathered along the growth path from a skinny teenager who loved literature, to a college student learning how to balance self-identity and coupling, to the joys and tribulations of marriage and motherhood. Finally, my baby has come to life as I held it in my hands with a sense of wonder like a newborn. I have always struggled with opening myself up and being vulnerable, as many people are. I am typically guarded until I get to know someone well and develop a rapport and  modicon of trust. So I pondered whether or not I was truly prepared to entrust my private thoughts, experiences, and perceptions with the universe. It took some time to work through the noise in my head, but I eventually decided to move forward despite my concerns, as I believe we were all put here with a specific purpose of impacting life in our own unique way. While I hope I have already imparted something positive to our world, my greatest wish is that the musings, poetry and prose shared in my first collection will resonate with you and connect us on some level. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the person who authored When Love Rises.

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