Hi! Thank you for connecting with me and following my blog.

Being an author is an amazing experience!  I have met and connected with so many wonderful people and have had the privelege of sharing stories and connections .    In addtion to being a writer, I am  also an Architect, Artist and Photographer who creates written, visual and inhabitable art. Though my main genre is poetry, I have been writing short stories and fiction since adolescence. My writing style is contemporary as my goal is to create poetry and prose that is relatable, connects with and is inspiring to my readers.

I have  had the privilege of traveling the world and love sharing my  experiences and interpretation of love, life, friendship, and community. I thrive on using words, art and photography to tell stories that evoke emotions or make connections with others.

I plan to share samples of my works in progress to enlist your feedback, progress  on current books, release dates, giveaways and promotions.  I will also blog about my travels  and share photographs and artwork, as they are my passion.